Edge Body System

Edge DVD learning system WILL transform, improve and enhance your Yoga practice.

The word Yoga means “to connect or unite”, Yoga is the practice of connecting the body and mind. Thai Yoga is the practice of connecting to others and the world around you. As you each focus on your experience, you enhance the other. Both people are practicing yoga and will experience Energy, Strength, Patience and Success.
Whether you are a recreational athlete (surfing, running, swimming, biking, skateboarding, etc), a gym member, a yoga enthusiast, a bodyworker or a couch potato, Edge Body System is designed for you. Founded on proven principles that have been developed in Thailand over thousands of years and improvised for modern times by Gabriel Azoulay, of Rejuvenation Thai Massage and Yoga Center, Edge combines modern insight with the ancient sciences  of Yoga and Thai Massage.

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Gabriel is now one of the teacher on Yogi Chocolate web site.
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With Edge Body System DVDs you will:

+ Increase your mental and physical energy

+ Increase joint range of motion

+ Connect with a deeper sense of who you are

+ Develop muscle length and elasticity

+ Enable you to connect and to provide this experience to another.

+ Teach you how to move in an organic, flowing way which benefits YOUR body as much as your partners.

+ Understand how your body functions

+ A greater sense of joy through sharing with another- Yoga for 2 people

We provide personal sessions or privtae CEU accredited trainings by appointment only, at our centers or at your home and/or center location.

Edge Thai Vinyasa

  • 90 minute step by step guided practice
  • Easy to follow
  • Based on Traditional Thai Massage
  • An asset for any therapist, yoga instructor,
    or bodywork lovers

Edge Thai Specific

  • Step by step 20 minute sequences
  • Short sequences targeting upper and
    lower body
  • Specific sequences for athletic performance
  • Can be performed by anyone